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Wolf Dog Hybrids can be safe pets - If you know how!

Imagine how wonderful it is to have a Wolf Dog or Wolf Dog Hybrid as your ultimate pet that will be affectionate, trusting, loyal and devoted to you for life.

Dear Friend,

Pets often become regular members of their respective families. People say things like this about their pets, "they're worth every minute, mine is always protective, or he/she sleeps on our bed with us."

"We think of them as our child or our children."

Imagine having two wolf dog as a pets! I ought to know.

If you'd like to enjoy your pet, have safety and peace of mind and have a devoted companion for life, then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read.

Here's why:

We provide through this website a place for anyone who may be interested in getting goods and supplies for theirs pets. Also to promote awareness and encourage individuals to support programs directly involved in the proper care and maintenance of their pets. And, to help stop the cruel mistreatment and the careless abuse and misuse of all animals.

Now, I know you're probably skeptical. That's normal and healthy. Let me give you three good reasons why I can back up what I claim:

Three Reasons To Believe What I Say

Reason one: Only now are scientists beginning to understand that all dogs are just subspecies of the Grey Wolf. Only now are people realizing the importance of wolves to the ecological equilibrium of our planet Earth. Man's ignorance has nearly driven wolves to the brink of extinction.

Reason two: The wolf and wolfdog are completely misunderstood by people all over the world. There is more misleading and inaccurate information about wolfdogs than there is correct information. Many people and organizations make wolfdogs out to be evil and destructive.

Reason three: And most importantly, to help people to understand and to tolerate these wonderful animals.

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Now, you're probably wondering how and why we can do all those things.

Let me explain.

I wrote "Wolf Dogs Make Better Pets Than You Can Imagine" the definitive ebook for helping you to own and raise a wolf dog successfully. It provides firsthand knowledge from a successful wolf dog owner that raised two wolf hybrids. You learn where to start, what to look for and expect, and what to do if you wish to own a wolf dog. This ebook contains actual pictures of these wolf dogs so that you can see for yourself exactly what these animals look like. Plus, these pictures serve as a guide, along with the rest of the ebook, to aid the reader in learning about the best pets imaginable.

Don't take my word for it.
Look at what my customers have to say.

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For anyone who owns or is interested in owning a wolf-dog, Rex Hudson’s e-book is very informative and instructional…based on his years of devotion to his own wolf-dogs Duchess and Gypsy.

Rafael M. Diaz

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I think this book about wolf-dogs is very informative of the owner’s experience of raising a wolf dog and would give people wanting to or thinking about owning or raising a wolf-dog for a pet the understanding of what to look for in this animal, that’s loveable, and to realize that they will have to make a sacrifice if deciding to keep this animal.

James W. Johnson

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This e-book is very good information about wolf dogs. If you are planning on getting a wolf dog or raising wolf dogs, then you need to read this e-book. It is very important to research a dog of this nature because it could be dangerous if you do not know the facts about wolf dogs. Rex obviously loved his wolf dogs and he knows the facts about raising wolf dogs. They obviously can be great companions if you know how to treat them. This e-book is very informative and helpful if you have any questions about wolf dogs.

Linda Poston
Charlotte, NC

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The author has excellent knowledge of the subject of "Wolf Dogs," through fact and personal experience. He has spent years researching the background of Wolf Dogs. The author shows great compassion towards the Dogs and portrays understanding of the Dog's special needs and handling. The book was very well written. I have enjoyed reading the book.

Laura Wilkinson
Bessemer City, NC

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OMG I looked at your pics of your wolf hybrids..thinking oh, they're gonna be you're typical wolf looking dogs...HOLY cow, when i saw both of them, splitting imaging of my hybrid, Kula... And people don't understand fully what it's like to have a hybrid until they have one. I would not trade Kula for anything in the world. Yes, he's a hybrid, but he's my little boy and you know what, he's a dog. I raised him like a dog, and I would trust him around any child in the world. Thanx for doing what you do to educate, but I honestly don't think some people get it and they'll never change their opinion on hybrids. They think we're bad people for having hybrids. WHATEVER right?. Great job. Thanx for sharing....

De Ona Marie
South Carolina

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